I read "god" here and "god" there, but I'd like to see your definitions of God.

Been abit quite lately but there was one conversation this morning in Bloodandfire website that got me writing some thoughts.

Discussion was started out about people question the motives of repatriation and led to a question presented by one  member of the board.


I read "god" here and "god" there, but I'd like to see your definitions of God. Yes, who (or maybe what) is God?

Please define God
I didnt meditation on this much but i got me writing down my feelings. This is what was written.

Was this addressed to me? All i can say on this matter is that if you don't know what god is, its futile to understand it from the words of others. But i can try - and propably fail.

God is a manifestation in the I, in my heart, actions and thoughts. Concept that motives and helps thru the times when its required, Its personal thing, not a communal. Even thou the most visible part of a god is religion, the essence that is visible to me as a person is how god manifests thru My works and how it affects those. In that matter, i have no will to describe what god is for others nor can i describe what God really is, like is he/she/it a person? Spirit or a ghost ? Living ? Dead.. All those points doesn't matter for me because i feel god is within me, i and i. Rastafari.

Thats my definition of God. I don't claim that this is the right definion, that would be arrogance and it would lead to conflicts, religious wars and what not.. But it is the vision that i currently have, life is learning experience - so maybe even tomorrow i could say that there is no god at all. Just people with their own minds, some positive, some negative, some who are easier to be influenced by those who want the power over people and those who do not. And finally, i don't see His Majesty as a god but a vessel, an icon that God used to reveal itself to me. And for this simple, i do not even want to go into depate that would dictate what is the real god.

But on the contrast, writings like Kebra Negast, Fatha Negast, Testaments, Psalms, all "holy" writings, they describe people who wrote them, people who edited/translated them and how their personal manifestation of god was visible to them. That was the reason why I mentioned god in the first place as Kebra Negast tells a story of Queen of Shaba and how that story reflects and affects the people whom's historical (true of false) story it is. Those writings might not be what i accept as true identify or meaning of God but they are writings that do affect the image of God as communal figure of one particular time and thru that exposition and natural way of human learning (relying on work done by others before me as a starting point for my own work), it also affects how i as a person view God.  
Epic Fail ?
You tell me. Feel free to drop in your comments on this matter. Knowing that someone actually reads my ramblings would definetly encourage me to write more often.

Btw, i added a linke to this post which leads to Myspace, to a profile of  King Alpha Records. There's a toon in the page called Soul-Live-Jah. All I can say is that even the tips of my dreads tingle when i listen to that tune. Massive respect to Jah Zebi for putting the works forward! Truely forward!