Be ye Perfect ?

Irie Ites!

Sometimes life occupies oneself so much that there is no time to really sit down and think. Such is a case also behind this silence in meditation level. I've kept myself too occupied for the past year in mundane things so that I haven't had time or will to write down anything except some lyrics for various music projects.

But anyway, today I picked up mail, sat down, ate and read a magazine by a local church. There was an article, in which a local Lutheran priest and imam was presented with bunch of questions about their faith. And the answers of this priest made me think about interpretation of Jesus Christ -  as member of Twelve Tribes and as a person who grew up with  Evangelic Lutheran church.

One of the questions was, loosely translated:

Q: Why Jesus is a good rolemodel for a human.
A: Jesues lived as he preached. He loved God and fellow man like he loved himself and did not hold himself any higher then the rest. He wanted to emphasis a goodness of God towards man and acted based on that.
On the very same article, the first question presented to this priest:

Q: How christian can be sure that Jesus was God in human form
A: Only through their faith. But not only through that but also because what Bible is saying. Bible is highlighting the godhood of Jesus. One cannot read bible in objectivity, for a christian it tells the story special position of Jesus Christ. Bible opens up to a christian.
Im my opinion, these two things contradict each other, and essentially this tells about the story that you should not try to understand bible on your own but believe what priests are telling you about it.

Why do I think this way?

In John 14, Jesus is talking about the glory of Father and that he was send here to make use follow the path and life that is him so that we can come to know God. So, through Jesus we can find God that is within him. Not that he is God. Jesus makes this point often: he is but a messenger of his Father's will. 

In Matthew 5:48 it's written down:
Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
Be perfect. From the teachings of Jesus we find a way to be like God. End of the road, like a word telios can be translated. So, should one believe in the word of Jesus that one and one should seek the end of the road and the find God through him or blindly believing a church and priests when they are preaching that Jesus was God - fact that he himself denied and told as to reach the goal that he was preaching about? To me this sounds that a tradition of monopolising the faith of one to be dictated by ruling few. 

So, if there are any readers left or even if you are a new reader - please do share your thoughts on this topic to the comments section.