Support the works!

And support the elders.

If you are fan of dub music and have a good heart, now is time to show it. Idren Kris Naphtali has put together a digital downloadable album available at his website.  Showcase of various producers all around the world  entitled: In The Garden Of Dub. 22 tracks of pure dubness from artists like Error Arawak (King EarthQuake soundsystem), Kris Naphtali himself, Kibir La Amlam, Crucial Alphonso and more!

And all this for free! But there's a gotcha. Heartical one too if you don't mind me sayig that ;) If you like the vibes, there's a donation button on the page and all the proceedings will go directly to the Word Sound And Power Collective and thru them to the elders of the rastafari movement.

Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and infants cared for.
So, what better way there would be to chip in a dollar, euro, yen, pound or what ever  than to download this and hit the donation button and drop in any amount of cash you feel you can spare.

PS. If you would like to get the pamphlet above in bigger format or even for print-outs for the local idrens, you can download it here: