Of tolerance and compromising

Long time again since i last wrote something but here's something again - like the slogan says, stuff here is "everyday thoughts" and for a quite a while now work and life has had so much stuff happening that i've really had no time to sit and digest the stuff.

Today i took the time, went to a nearby  canal from my office and meditated -
took a deep breath and just sat there. And the result is that now i have 2
thought lines that i'm trying to follow if they reveal something.

Anyhow. I was having a small chat on facebook with a one guy the other day and talk turned into a old Issue that got blown out of proportions.  If i'd generalize the message from the conversation, i'd would be something like this: It's ok to hold a group of people "under your leash" if you do it for right reasons.

As a rastaman, and as a thinking person i have to wonder that isnt that statement already fulfilled in already existing system?  Everything works to a degree if masses people follow the same rules and offenders will be punished.  Still slaving for the system, it still has hold of your mind - how you think and act.

Its like a parrot saying the same sentences over and over again because those are what where teached to it.

Still, i don't really want anarchy either but still i want real freedom. I am free - or atleast i do want to be - to practice my life as i want. But if I take my freedom my morals and rules the next level and extend it toeveryone, what am i? I'd be nothing but a new incarnation of mind controlling product of the system.

I couldn't live with myself if i'd knowingly downpressed a fellow man.

Smaller question or iteration of what i wrote above, could be directed to myself about the same topic. Am i passing judgement here or am i falling to the same brothers keepers mode. And things get even deeper when you shut the door in front of your brother whom's acts you might not approve but you mingle with liars and thiefs.  Wickedness increase.  I don't mean to rant here nor am i pointing fingers to any camps - this is a generic question to each and every man:

Where do you draw the line of tolerance and compromise in your life?