Rastamia - Introducing Rastafari (2006) - Document

An hour long documentary introducing the cultural, historical and spiritual aspects of Rastafarianism as explained by a group of followers in the City of Miami. The film delivers a message of hope and reconciliation by systematically explaining away the myths behind Rastafarianism as viewed by outsiders, resulting in a clearer understanding of this hybrid culture.

Im Copyright Crimical, apparently ?

Yes, atleast according to Myspace content filter!

Story starts around 3 years ago. I was mc'ing for a local dnb crew Large Amount Of Soul aka L.A.O.S who scored a big hit in dnb circles called Panda Style.

Things went nicely and i voiced a some small parts to JayEm's beat which was almost instantly signed to danish Spin Recordings label. It came out as 10" on 2008 and tune is called Strong. Small 2 minute clip has been on my myspace player ever since.. That is, until 17th of November, 2009.

I logged in to myspace to actually upload some new promo clips for forth coming Intergalaktik releases that are coming out in week or two only to find out that i got a mail from MySpace help.. Whats that ? Oh, it said that i have material in my player that WMG has copyrights to. WTF?! Warner Music Group. So this huge company is now stating that they own a copyrights to a tune that I have voiced, JayEm produced and published by small independent dnb label. On the other hand, tune in question is registered to Teosto and NCB under mine and JayEm's names. Plus Spin hasnt informed anyone from L.A.O.S about re-licensing.

So, after going thru myspace "Copyright Camp"  and filing a counter claim, i decided to call up local Warner office. After few calls, i was directed to their " Digital Key Account Manager" and after a brief chat with the guy, i got this reply (freely translated)

Yeah, i've heard that these things happen, you are not the first one how have reported similar issue. Give me your myspace url and I'll add you to the whitelist in MySpace.  It will take about a day to get your account cleared.
Lets see how things will progress from this point.  Reading stuff like this: http://torrentfreak.com/copyright-drama-prevents-artist-from-sharing-music-on-myspace-091007/ doesnt really raise my hopes up.  But lets see how things turn out. I'll keep all my two readers posted.

In meanwhile, check out the new releases from Intergalaktik Label on .. tadaa! Myspace! http://www.myspace.com/intergalaktiksound