Dennis Brown, Crown Prince Of Reggae, In Memoriam

Ten years ago, on 1st of July, 1999, Dennis Emmanual Brown lost his life  and world lost one of the most successfull and prolific reggae icons.  Without the likes of him and Bob Marley, i doupt the the penetration of reggae music wouldn't be what it is today. Where Bob's lyrics where slightly more easier for the western people, Dennis walked his own path delivering lovers tunes and rootical vibes praising the allmighty Jah Rastafari (personal opinion, feel free to disagree). 
These days, we see lots of fussing and fighting, even amongst the rastafari and new barriers and walls are being build everyday. In that contrast, a meditation from DEB is in order:
No man is an island
No man stands alone
Treat each man as your brother
Remember each man’s dream as your own

Even thou i'm a day late, i setup a collaborative playlist on Spotify to share his works. If you have spotify account, feel free to drop by and listen the tracks and if you have anything to add into the list, please do so.
Bro Joseph, your legacy shall live on! Rastafari.