Declare yourself

One of the things i've found in the internet that i can fully endorse to every person that i know and don't know is a site called TED. It stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design.  Having said that, it doesnt sound like it has any interested to average joe schome even to me.  But it really is.

TED is a yearly conference that gathers thinkers and doers all around the world to give a short - max 20 min speech of their life.  These speeches are recorded and can be viewed from

That said, ted prize portraied UN's Universal Decleration of Human rights few days ago in their site and since the topic of human rights is more relevant than ever, i wanted to share that vibe too.

And while im at it, ted affiliate provides this video.

Main character on that last video is Karen Armstrong who won TEDPrize for 2008. Her 20 minute speech in TED can be viewed here.

Call is out for everyone to share these videos.