Free flow meditations ..

Lets first start with some techno babble. I've installed this new software called Spotify already like 3 months ago or so. Played with it but at the time i didnt find to be so usefull to already existing stuff. Then last night, i was hanging out late with our neighbours and one guy was playing music from spotify.  Dunno, has it changes abit or something but it had quite a different feeling to it. And to this night in time and space.. I've been listening to quite a lot of very nice uk production. What a really nice supprise!

Few weeks ago a bredrin of the mine send invitations to gather around in Helsinki and try to get something ifficial thing going on. From what i've heard, quite a lot of families are going to attend. Lets see what will be the outcome of the rally.

One topic that people are going to talk about for sure is that should the families try to organize somesort of society and gain a sort of legal status as a religion. Basicly meaning that if there's certain amount of kids in single district, they would get "rastafari" as choice of religion for "religion class".. 1 roots hour in week. This sort of a thing is bound to raise some discussions.

There's the obvious question is ofcourse and in boiled down form: is rasta a religion. But its obvious so lets think of a another angle. And its just a  hypothesis.

Am I afraid of so called "rooting down" if i wouldnt want to be part of that sort of a movement ?

 Gosh, dub in the background is making my head dizzy - vibronics, forward ever. And it seems to have disoriented my direction of thought.  But as i really want people to share the feelings back - here, in private mails, hint! - heres a question for you. No matter what you think, put it outside the box and let me know what "rooting down" means for you..

Anyway, one thing is for sure, nothing bad can come of what is happing tomorrow.  Raspect for all the princes, princesses, queens and kings who attend tomorrow, in spirit or present.

Blog ends with Ranking Joe's Zion High streaming from spotify. And special bigups for Vilhelm from Tulitauko Sound for first establishment called emBASSY and bringing Ranking Joe. 2 heavy nights still coming, one with finnish dubstep crew Clouds and their live set + Mungos Hifi and later in the summer Kenny Knotts + Helsinki roots embassy =)

Ranking Joe in Helsinki (shot by Riinah):