Ras Alcohol in da houz!

Ras Alcohol!

Lately i've seen few idren to refer to 'ras alcohol' when they talk about people or rasses who drink - in degregating way. And well, i have no shame to admit that i like to drink beer and occasionally something stronger too. So this topic had me thinking of how I see the mighty alcohol.

First, i know what alcohol does to people and it aint pretty. Of which, im sure, most of you know it too. My mother is drunkard, so was my uncle. I used to drink quite heavily when i was yute. But at some point i stopped consumption of all alcohol based products,  including vinegar and fermented products. That phase lasted around 6 or 7 years during which i didnt even willingly socialize with anyone who was drunk. It was abomination to the I. But them something changed...

One of the reasons why i quit was the feeling that i was not in control of myself when intoxicated. If someone was suggesting  something stupid, i was the first one to jump into a well. I had no control of what i said and well, i did not like myself when i was drunken. But things change and now i know my limits and i know how to behave. And i've come to realize alot about alcohol, and people too.

I see that people are not really aware of themselves, drunken or sober. Ordinary people are just passengers in vehicle called there lifes. Even "good people" are like that. Autopilot is in full control and when you pour wrong kind of gasoline to the engine, accidents are bound to happen.

For the I, rastafari trod is about self improvement thru guidance of the most high God. Jah Rastafari! Part of Self improvement is evaluation of the I. Consciousness of I's actions. Realizing this, i have now a newly found fate that i can 'hold my liquer'. Im not passenger anymore. But i also need to point out that this self improvement isnt because i need to drink or to justify my habbit.

But then, weed is also a mind altering substance. It can mess up your life as much as beer too. In this perspective, my personal belief is that no substance is evil by its own definition. Only rationale - to justify not to drink - in this topic is bingi tradition and what the I holds as a moral truth. And  when you extend your own decizions to others, its a question of how you treat your bredrins.

What we really need is to actually learn to respect other people before burning the  fire. Their decisions are their's, our's ours.

Jah Nuh Dead

I got a riddim cd last week from I bredrins called Temppeli up from Jyväskylä, Finland.  I've been listening to the tunes for every day now and one thing's for sure. Matti Kauhu, Heikki Acid Root & Ras Shemi will do some serious uplifting in roots scene when they start to publish their music. Its just that excellent.

So I've been writing some lyrics to the tunes and noticed i got some heavy vibes from Burning Spear. Here's something to share so far:

Jah Nuh DeadJah Nuh Dead
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Jah Live On
In The Hearts
In The Hearts and Minds of Man
Who Walk the Righterous Road
With the Bible in His Hand
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Jah Live On
In the Thoughts
In the Works and Thoughts of Sistren
Who Hail the King of Creation
Again and again and again

And last thing, i've seen few websites with certain text in the past too but this morning i got a link to a site i havent visited before.  If you havent had the opportunity to read the early writings of rastafari movement, you can do it right now by clicking on title below the book covers:

The Wisdom Of Rastafari - "by Rastafarian Group" 
The Holy Piby - Robert Athlyi Rogers
Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh
The Promised Key - G.G. Maragh

Isä meidän ja ne muut.

Quick apology about the language first. Matter revolves around translations and Finnish so thats what im going for too.

Lainaus Isä meidän - rukouksesta
anna meille meidän syntimme anteeksi,
niin kuin mekin anteeksi annamme niille,
jotka ovat meitä vastaan rikkoneet.
Ja perään tiukka kysymys:

Jos me annamme anteeksi meitä kohtaan rikkoneille, miksi me anomme anteeksi antoa Jumalalta synneistämme? "Me" sanalla tarkoitan tässä kollektiivista Suomen jumalaa pelkäävää ev.lut. tapakristitty.

Eikö rikkeemme toisia kohtaan ole syntiä ? Entä "ne muut" ja "heidän rikkeet".