On or off topic ?

At this point its pretty safe to say that im not just going write about things that fit 100% under the label rasta.  And that also kinda reflects my life - I wouldn't be honest with myself if i would say that yeah i'm this and that. 

So yeah, thing i wanted to share is a website, or youtube channel - Improv Everywhere. Their slogan is We Cause Scenes. And i just love that. Bunch of people that dont know each other - gather around doing something really different that causes people to stop and think - maybe smile, or get angry. It all really depends if you are a uptight or more relax person. But its civil disobediance in the most fun form.

So, please do check them out, lots of laughs quaranteed and if you feel like tickling your mind too:  Think about what we consider as norms of society, how we should act, what we should were so that we would blend in, cuz aint that what everyone wants to do. Blend in.

Improv Everyone on Youtube