Review: Anthony B - Rise Up

In the portable.

The thing is, i havent really been a big fan of any recent jamaican production be it dancehall or roots. Later even more so. Anthony B - Rise Up is exception! This album has been in my celly for couple of weeks now and i still find myself cueing it to my playlist.  And belive me, that happens very rarely with any artist or genre. Riddims sound abit thin here and there but as said, playing mostly on a celly. Im sure tunes sound better on a soundsystem. Nothing new in Anthonys flow and the lyrics are at times a bit overused. And ofcourse there is bunch of familiar riddims but im so bad remembering any names. Back to basics right?

So whats so good about it then?

Its really good album as a whole and each tune stands in its own. I dont follow new music so much but i think this is kinda rare these days. Ofcourse its up to each and everyones personal taste but for me, Rise up is breath of fresh air! Lots of feats on the tunes and they are not the  obvious choices either.  Horace Andys hook on the Enter The Kingdom Of Zion raises the atmosphere quite nicely and later, Lukie D touches my musical nerve in the right way. Good tunes from from a let go. And like a cherry on a top, lovers cut of a lost love and beyond called Weeping Willow.

For those of you with a spotify account, you can listen the album here