Things to come in Meditation Level

Greetings and Love to each and everyone itinually!

I've made a kickstart in launching meditation level by posting some selected writings & reasonings that i've written in the past for various places and/or purposes in order to have something meaningfull content. I will be doing that in the future too, as soon as i have time to go thru some of my old writings. But thats not all what i have in mind for this blog.

One aspect is ofcourse to keep my own reasonings in one place but i'd interested to have quest writers also.  If you feel the urge, get in touch with me.

I've also been boiling up some ideas in the past to support my musical  community . There are alot of soundsystems and producers here in Finland that do not have the big fan base but are already in good enough shape to have some impact outside our own borders.  So keep your eyes and ears open for Meditation Level podcasts!  On related matter, i will be propably doing some interviews and session reports.

Thats ruffly it! Lets keep in touch.

Blessings and protection.