What is that Royalty they speak off ?

Yep, you tell me that because I don't know - but i have a my own interpretation so hear me out.

But first, where does this start? I've been following on and off (lately just lurking) this one local reggae forum. Week or so, there has been this conversation which lead to some heated conversation where people where having discussion on what is appropriate behaviour. A bredrin of mine summed things quite nicely from one side but i think it still left out things that I'd like to include.

Without going into details, one of the "arguments" was about What is Royalty and how we as Rastafari should start acting accordingly.

I keep on going further and further from the real start of this but lets go abit backwards still and ask yourself a question, How does Rastafari affect your day to day life ? Im quite sure that people who can say to themselves without self deceipt that they have this connection to the Most High in any way, get a positive vibrations from that feeling. By positive vibe i do meant that what ever it is that you feel about, i can't say what it really is but you know it youself and it matters to You. Right ?

So at this point, we could establish that there is this thing called Rastafari in your life and we could assume that in some form or the other you get a certain type of spiritual vibe from it. Again, i don't care what kind of vibe that is, it just matters that its there. We could speak about God, in Christian sense, we could speak about Living God in Man and all that kind of "rasta babble" and its up to you to decide what we are talking about here, what matters is that its there.

In comes a concept, "Royalty". We are sons and daughters of King Alpha, Most High God, Jah Rastafari. So We Are Royalty. But again, are we really ?

How do we view others who aren't Kings, Queens, Princes' & Princesses ? What does being royal mean ? I dug something up from internet so i could say something really fancy and here it is:

a monarchs or other people of royal rank, plus their families, treated as a group; the rank, status, power or authority of a monarch; a royal right or prerogative, such as the exploitation of a natural resource; the granting of such a right; payment received for such a right;

A group of people with rank above others ? A Right to do certain things a fellow man cannot?

I Chant Fire for such if that is what i should be! Fire And Brimstone.

But honest question. I'm quite sure that if you really dig into the people around you, im sure you have met a person, fellow idren in Rastafari who is all that. Feeling Higher than others - and im not talking about weed here -, self righterous person who keeps telling others how things are. Oh well, maybe im such a person too as im writing this but i let me explain something. I do it because I want people to understand Me, not to change how others act and do.

Do I want to be a person like that? Who keeps on saying things to others how they should be, how they should act, how they should Be A Rastafari?!


This is not the vibe that i want to send out - this is everything that stands as wickedness in my sight. I communicate with lord of creations and this is not what I feel a good person should be with his life.

His Majesty said to Elders on day of Groundation this:

Build Jamaica First.

Idrens where asking for repatriation. Build Jamaica First, remember that and zoom in and concentrate.

Have a spliff if you must, i can wait.

And then think this:

Build Iself first.

Thats what i think if someone ask me if someone is "good rasta" or "poser". Because there is one thing that I Know about humans.

We have our own problems and falacies so why are we so keen to pick the dirt for a next mans eye when we have shit on our own pants.

And back to where i actually started, what is Royalty ?

A Royal Person, King Or Queen, acts humble, tries to recognizes all variables of the game and acts accordingly and from that, building up and not tearing down. Because its not long way from being a royal to be a dictator.

Even if we would feel high and mighty and above everyone else , we should still be kind to each other and act Just! Foundation cannot be build if you are spreading bad vibes to those around you by pointing how "wrong" they are, its build by putting doing as you preach and showing the example. Thats the reason why i dont go "guns out blazing" talking about rasta and correcting others ways. My Life, My Connection to King. And so

Your Livity is between You And Your Creator.
Build Yourself Before You Repatriate.