Word Sound & Power!

Long ago i was reading one topic on Twelve Tribes Live Up msn group and there was a conversation or a reasoning about the word Amen. I've thought about word and communication in light of Rastafari reasoning in the past so this topic urged me to write down my own reasoning on the matter. So here's a slightly edited version of the post i made to the forums.

Word Sound And Power

What is the meaning of a word ? Does one word describe only one specific thing? Does one Sound describe only one sound or a note and what is power ? Bare with me, here's my reasoning.

Ini sight & respect that certain word have negative vibes and they refuse to chant it out loud but Ini also raspect other views and how/what people are saying

We give words our own meaning. We give sound our own meaning and we give power our own meaning. This is how human brain works. Because anything and everything is depending on whats going inside our heads. What sort of truths we have been imprinted into our minds. What we hold valuable, moral, immoral and so forth. Each and every word has a meaning to Us but here's where things get complicated.

When I say a word, it has a certain meaning in my head, it comes out and a fellowman hears it. No matter what the word was, that other person interprets it in his mind with the setting the he has. And as each person is unique, that interpretation is most cases is not 100% accurate to I's interpretation. The words we use and speak are given meaning by us who use them.

Words are our vessels to transport our ideas to others but they *are not* foolproof.

Here's a challege. Think of a a bible and bring me two persons who can agree on every point thats written there. Show me 2 persons who come to same conclusions & visualize same metaphors equally.

So, what is bible ? It is the Word Of God, or so people tell me. If it really is The Word of God, why we can't agree and understand on every point and yet, we are supposed to be Gods people? This whole whole conversation started about how I interpet the word Amen. Maybe it has its origins in pagan roots, i do not know. But people still u se it. For them, it doesnt mean that they support Pagan ways. They use it because for them, word Amen has that Power they seek when they are praying to Most High.

Purest form of conversation we can have with our creator is in our thoughts. Its said that God is In us, right ? Our body is Temple, where Most High dwells. So the guestion is, does he know our thoughts or does he just listen our "words"? Is God as prone to interpret abstract things such as word as He pleases and shed His judgement against us just because we use a word that might be interpreted as "pagan" ? Or does He sight what we really mean? I dont know but i want to believe that its the later.

But then again, we give words a meaning. If a word means to I that it is pagan, we do not use it as it doesnt glorify our Creator but pagan ways and God knows that.

Also, where does tradition come in in this matter ? Maybe i'll come back later to this topic but for now, i'll end this with following:

Word is an abstract concept. What we learn and hold true gives meaning to words. By reciting a word, we give a word a Sound. Word, as an abstract concept but with given meaning combined with Sound equals Power. Word Sound & Power. By Word Sound And Power we let others to know us. It might not always be interpreted as positive even thou we mean it but it is still important that each and every I overstands that what I is thinking might not be what I interprets it. This is communication.

Thru Word, Thru Sound Thru Power!