Alot of talk about ID Chip!

Lately i've seen alot more talk about "id chip". People go on raving about new technology that will be injected inside InI skin so that big brother can watch every person.

It is scary but my personal opinion is that the battle is already lost. Why's that? Lets talk ...

The purpose is ofcourse fast identification of a person any almost any circumstance. To identify a person, this person needs to have some sort of unique feature and that would be the infamous chip. But lets think this a bit further and lets think of a question: Does human being already have such feature ? A feature that would allow anyone with access to right technology to rightfully identify a person ? Doesn't require much thought to come up with one or two such feats. Like fingerprint or how about DNA to some degree ?

This is where things get sticky - do you need passport? US Government has been requiring foreign nationals entering the country to have a thing called biometric password. Typically its a normal password with RFID chip which includes data like owners picture, normal passport data *and* fingerprint. Some standards of biometric passwords also hold information that would allow also facial & iris recognition.

Enter US Customs and you either willingly give this information or don't get a permit to enter the country. How many other countries will follow or already have this practice in use ?

And since there's already a infrastructure for "global id chip". How long does it take that officials start demanding this already available information for other purposes ? Already happening! Just few days ago Finnish police chief told the major news magazine Helsingin Sanomat about the will in police force to get all password fingerprints into their database so that police could work on major crimes more efficiently. And worrying clause on quote from this chief police was something along the lines that this possible fingerprint database would also allow prevention of possible crimes.

In the same article, journalist mentions that EU has required all member countries to start issuing biometric passports to all citizens summer of 2009. My message to those that see the coming beast is that stop looking closer to real life - you might already be holding the "number of the beast" in your pocket and not nothing that.

For further reading, check this wikipedia entry and do your own research.